Wine delivered at your home

Now that private import of wine is possible in Norway, we can send you directly the wine you will have tasted on the spot and want to drink home.

No need to go through the Vinmonopol anymore.

We take care of everything from the tasting of the wine at our place to the delivery of the bottles at your personal address.

So, do not hesitate and bring back a piece of Saint Emilion/Bordeaux/Cognac to your home!

Blend your own Saint Emilion wine

During the wine trip, you do your own wine blend at a château and take back home one bottle of your blend. If you are really happy about the result, you can order a minimum of 10 cases (120 bottles) of your own Saint Emilion wine.

We will help you design your own label.

Imagine the reaction of your friends and family when you will serve them your wine.


This blend can be a personal work or a group work.

You can blend and make a label for "the wine of your Wine Club".

Then, each member can order several bottles.